Olawole Adetoye Wins the First NUGA Varsity Esports Championships

Final year student of Economics at the University of Lagos Olawole Adetoye, emmerged champion of the inaugural NUGA Varsity Esports championship organised by NUGA in partnership with Gamr Africa.

The two day event attracted over 400 registered players from the Lagos based University with 144 players taking part. The players where divided into 8 groups for the first round robin games.

The newly launched FIFA 22 was the Game played with the play station 4 consoles. Olawole from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences became the first NUGA Varsity E-sports Champion. In 2nd place – Haneef Olabuntu from the Department of System Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and in 3rd place – Adepoju Paul from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science.

Olawole Adetoye popularly known as “Wolevation” by gamers gave a remark after winning the cash prize, high: “I had a very tough draw, I played against people I’ve met in other competition that are tough competitors. It’s a game I play regularly, so I stuck to my tactics and I played well.”

“I want to thank God for helping me go through this phase and playing well. I would also like to thank the organizers of the competition, and I hope for better rewards in the future.” He added.

E-sport is a growing industry across the world especially amongst young people who find the world of pads and electronic simulation more alluring than playing on the fields or courts. NUGA embracing e-sport is a testament that the Nigerian university sport scene isn’t left behind as the world tilts towards competitive gaming. It is also a step towards inclusion as students who prefer playing football with a Play-station or Xbox can find self-actualization and recognition as student-athletes.

The e-sport tournament hosted by the University of Lagos will herald subsequent tournaments across other Nigerian universities. “The idea is to carry on e-sport tournament across Nigerian universities and to invest more into getting students interested in the sport. It also creates opportunities for students who are not physically inclined to go out and play sport to find their talent playing e-sport which is a viable sport itself.”

She further explained that investors will be needed to expand the E-sport operation in Nigerian universities. “NUGA hopes to help propel this with organizations like GAMr and hoping that corporate bodies will be willing to invest and we will find ourselves playing international tournamnents, basically engaging the students beyond the classroom and the field for those who are not capable or inclined to play in physical sport.”