The NUGA Executive Committee

The NUGA Executive Committee meets at least once a year to take all the significant decisions necessary for optimal organisation functioning. Members are voted in except the Secretary General

Get to know all of NUGA’s Executive Committee Members, from the President and Vice-Presidents to all members

President – Prof. Stephen Hamafyelto

Vice-President – Mr. Emeka Ogbu

Treasurer – Prof. M.G Yakasai

Ex- Officio – Mr. Godwin Ogbobe

Secretary General – Mr. Bola Orodele

NUGA General Assembly

The NUGA General Assembly is composed of the association of vice chancellors of the 86 member Nigeria Universities. The next General Assembly will take place in Lagos in late summer of 2021. 

NUGA Committees

The NUGA Committees assist and advise the NUGA Executive Committee in its work. NUGA’s 16 committees look into all areas of the association’s functioning, from technical aspects which is a standing committee, a tenured position and must be a member of the NUGA council.