5 More Days to Register Athletes and Staff for the 26th NUGA Games

Dear Members, from today, Monday 10th January 2022, we have five days to close the portal which will mark the end of online registration as the 17th of January 2022 will mark the beginning of verification exercise in Lagos. Kindly utilize these remaining days to round up the registration as no shift on date will be entertained.

According to Chairman of accreditation Dr. Bawa Mohammed Over 4000 have registered successfully. He has also given an insight on how to solve some reoccurring issues like  “SERVER ERROR”.
Ensure you follow the simple instructions on the portal.
1. Where height is required, it’s clearly shown that the expected input should be in centimeters (cm) not meters (m). Example, 160 should be the correct input and not 160cm or 1.6m. Just input the numbers without unit nor decimal.
2. Weight suppose to be in kilograms (kg) as shown in the portal. In this case, it should be just numbers without the unit of kg. Example, 80 and not 80kg as the portal have already taken care of the unit.
3. Scanned receipt should be saved in JPEG and not PDF or any format.
4. JAMB number must contain 8 numerals and two alphabet. Example, 12345678GH without full stop.
5. Phone numbers must start with zero and not more or less than eleven digits and must not be same with either next of kin or another student. Example, 09012345678 without full stop.
6. Email address must have the symbol of @

“Once we keep these simple rules that were shown in the portal then we will not experience any issue, he said, “I will like to call our attention also on the following precautions; Make sure we keep records of our emails, passwords and JAMB numbers incase we may need to re login. The site will never accept duplication of either password, jamb number or phone number.  Try to save completed registration form in your computers if you are not ready to print immediately upon completion”.
Dr. Bawa also cautioned against students doing their own registrations, he advised, ” it has been observed that some students are registering on their own without the knowledge of their respective authorities. This may have adverse effects on the contingency of the affected universities. It is therefore advised that we disseminate widely information on the ongoing registration with a precursor that any student that registered for any sport MUST notify the respective authorities for proper documentation. This became worrisome as some students kept calling for assistance as if they are not under any guide”

Do not hesitate to contact technical support should you need any assistance.

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